British imperialist policy

British imperialist policy (1858-1905)

The revolution of 1857 AD devastated the power of the East India Company. Now the power and administration of India were under the control of the British. The British government took the British Empire at the pinnacle by 1856 AD, and it was made clear in the declaration of Queen Victoria, that in the future the English state will not be expanded in India.

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Reasons(Causes) for the failure of revolution of 1857

The struggle that took place in 1857 to expel the British from India, its failure was predetermined. There are five main reasons for the failure of the revolution. Apart from that; P.E. Roberts has given two other reasons – Centralized Rebellion and Generosity of Kenning. Dodwen added one more reason that is – Lack of Organization. Main reasons for the failure of revolution are followings :

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